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About Us

We help youth realize their special gifting and purpose.  

We show them that they are seen and have meaning.

We help restore hope in their destinies.

We collaborate and bridge local churches to support them.


Our Story

Clint & Amy Horst; Diverse Praise Ministries.

In 1998 God gave us His heart to reach young people by pulling out their God-given destinies and teaching them how to steward their gifts. We've already seen the great impact.  We've helped many young people in art, dance, music, and the trades, along with life coaching.


God moved our family to Hawaii in 2018 to continue this ministry called Diverse Praise.  

We believe that the Lord instructed us to impact this generation in the mountain of arts & entertainment. 


A man without vision and without knowing the Father’s love will perish. By encouraging the destinies of this generation, we are restoring hope and identity.


Another big function of this program is to teach leadership and character development, outreach projects,  and unify the local churches into a one-body model.  


A few personal & professional facts about Us: 

Amy & Clint were youth pastors and leaders in college groups, trained in leadership development, as well as financial management. Amy has taught undergrad or graduate levels. Clint has consulted many in business start-ups. 

Both Clint & Amy have various levels of musical training instructors.

Our other team leader, Grace Horst, has been leading worship for over 5 years.  

Amy is skilled in dance and fitness instruction.  Clint and Amy are both trained in business development. 


God has spent our lifetimes teaching us what it means to be mentored and to mentor others.

We love to consult and cast vision into individuals.

We love to activate people!


Jeremiah 29:11. 

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…

Isaiah 61:1 

The Spirit is upon us because the Lord has anointed me to preach the good news, bind the brokenhearted, and set the captives free.

Meet The Team


Amy Horst

Founder & CEO / Instructor

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Grace Horst

Teem Member / Instructor

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Clinton Horst

Co-Founder / Manager / Instructor

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