Amy Horst


Clint Horst

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord...


Co-Founders of Diverse Praise

1998 we had a vision - Thousands of young people pressing into the realization & power of God in their lives for one reason,... 

To know Gods vision for their lives.


God moved our family to big island Hawaii in 2018 to grow His vision of Diverse Praise.  Our feet hit the ground and God began to conncet us with people, situations and friends, needed to make way for what was coming.

Quickly our eyes were opened to a great need.  Youth and young adults lacked vision & God given purpose.  The Bible says that without vision a man will perish, and in Hawaii this is so true.  National teen and youth suicide is the highest here and Diverse Praise is having a great impact and will continue to do so.  

We go in faith and in his grace. 

"Amy... I see a creativity over you that has something to do with the arts that's going to be key for the kids in influential areas.  I feel like that is really key and you are going to have many doors open, and even for our kIds.

-Theresa Deadman (Bethel)

“Clint,...God has given you a pause, to focus now on bringing churches together. Your laid off not because of your shoulder injury, but rather to accomplish rebuilding a unity within the church.“

“A pretty building in the center of town, without presence of God,.. now that would be a shame.”

-Loren Cunningham (YWAM)

"Clint,...God said your a Joseph, & that God has given you a wealth anointing that is going to transform culture, & that is going to launch you Ito places that are going to really transform the way people do things. I saw you mentoring people into business ideas, where they did not have the wisdom needed, & this is going to lead to many places of influence."

-Theresa Dedmon (Bethel)