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April 29 - May 1st

Building a strong wall of compassion around our cities
  Learn to be fierce and deliberate hand's of God.
The gospel released through action.
A movement of compassion.

    What this event is about:

  •  As women of victory, let's develop a warrior identity

  •  Know true emotional healing from false identity, by  receiving tools for deliverance /&/ past wounds.

  • Listen to the humble walk of adoption, & releasing the power of compassionate in your home.

  • Hear for a pastor of an orphanage and what insight we can gain in ministering to an orphan like generation.

  • Releasing Faith, believing for your promise, waiting on God 

  • Learn how to be a voice to communicate the heart of God.

  • Become allies for Generation ‘Z’ whatever the cost.

  • Displaying God's heart to the homeless

  • Fostering Father’s heart in the relationships around us.

  • Releasing godmothers is not an age thing it's a vital comparison thing.

  • How to position your self for revival  through compassion's arms. 

  • Learn how prayer fortifies the city.

  • Learn how the nurturer  transform their communities!!